H.No.521,“PANDURANG“ 2nd Stage R.C.Nagar BELGAUM-590006

      • Formation:

          The Karhade Brahman Sangh traces its origins to 1967 when a few Socially minded individuals of our community got together and formed a group of people called the Karhade Brahman Sangh with an objective of enhancing social contact and fraternity amongst the Karhade Brahmans residing at Belgaum and its surrounding areas. However after an encouraging beginning the Sangh was unable to sustain its activities after 1972. The efforts of Shri Madukar Gurjar and Shri Vasantrao Gurjar led to the revival of the Sangh in 1992 and this time the Sangh could sustain its activities and grow from Strength to strength in the 24 years since then.

      • Activities:

           The Sangh has a growing calendar of regular activities: Annual General Meeting and Honouring Meritorious Students Makar Sankranti Celebrations Women’s Day program. Independence Day programme. Vasantotsava Function Annual picnic. Kojagiri program. (This is an event arranged collectively with the Chitpavan Brahman Sangh and Deshashtha Rigvedi Brahman Sangh of Belgaum) The award of Merit-cum-Need based Loan Scholarships for Higher education from our Education Fund is also a notable, socially relevant activity of our Sangh.

      • Administration and Finance:

           The Karhade Brahman Sangh, Belgaum has 196 (Patrons and Life Members) members. They hail ,largely ,from Belgaum and its neighbouring towns such as Khanapur, Ramnagar, Dandeli Londa,Nandagad,Halsi and Nippani. It is a society with a constitution and is duly registered with the Registrar of Societies, Belgaum, since 1993 The affairs of the Sangh are managed by a Committee comprising of upto 15 members all of whom are elected by the General Body of the Sangh. The Managing Committee which has a tenure of Two years in turn elects the President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. All the activities of the Sangh are funded by the Voluntary Contributions and Donations from Members and Philantrophic persons from the local Community such as the Donation of Rs50000 from the Chitpavan Brahman Couple Mrs and Shri Jog of Belgaum.